Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have been working like a crazy woman just trying to keep up these days! I promise I am working as fast as I can to get galleries up and ready for you. I realized yesterday that Thanksgiving is 4 weeks away and Christmas is ONLY 8 weeks from today! I can't believe that this year has gone by so fast. We have the best clients and couldn't be more grateful that we have been able to capture photos of so many families. God has truly blessed us and we didn't even plan it to work out this way. Doesn't that seem to be the way things work so often?

Let's get down to the real reason you come check this blog out. We were so honored to get to meet up with this family on some of their property. I knew we must be going to an awesome location when they gave us the keys of their golf cart to follow them in their truck. We made our way out to a field that had the most incredible light. When it works out to photograph in that 1-2 hours before sunset, the results are always spectacular!

These kids worked hard for us but I really think they had a good time in the process. We spent some time getting the more traditional family pose but I just loved the emotion in this one. Can't you tell they just have a good time together?

All of the kids enjoyed being in front of the camera. This guy was just fun. He was making sure everything looked right and had a special way of fixing his hair before he was in the spotlight. He was a lot of fun and I can tell that you get to laugh a lot when you hang out with him.

This little cutie was so precious. She loves her older brother and sister and just lit up. She enjoyed playing chase with us and daring us to try to catch her "in the moment." This is definitely her natural smile and it reflects her personality to a "T".

I just couldn't get past how gorgeous she was. The camera definitely loves her, don't you think? I'm afraid her dad better watch out. While she wasn't running around acting goofy with her brother and sister, they adore her, so I know she has a great time with them. They seem to really look up to her and she takes great care of them. I told her that night and I meant it....I could have spent hours just photographing her.

It was so difficult to chose just a handful to post, but this is probably one of my favorites. This just shows the relationship that these sisters have despite their age difference. They are both genuinely interested in the other and seem to have such a sweet relationshp. Now, I know they probably fight at times but I have no doubt they adore one another.

Thanks again for the privilege. I'll be in touch soon!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

This was a session that was supposed to happen back in September but due to some schedule changes they weren't able to make the trip into Paducah. This family lives in the middle of the state but made special arrangements while in town for a wedding for us to capture some images of the kids!

Little Gracie wasn't sure what to think about this little skirt at first but it seemed to grow on her. I can't believe we managed to get one of her sitting because she is on the go all the time.

Another one of her...she loved this fence. I just followed her around trying to make sure we got a few good shots.

Her brother gave us smiles from the very beginning!

Many times Mike comes with me to make silly faces at the kids (and sometimes mom and dad) but he couldn't be here on this you should have seen me acting all silly AND trying to take pictures. I won't be allowing video cameras along any time soon!

But I think our mission was accomplished.....

Mom's number one goal was a picture of her kids together. Here is one of the ones that we captured!

Thanks again for making a special trip to see me. I hope we can do it again sometime.

I will be in touch soon with the rest!

Fall Morning

Last Saturday was a brisk morning but this little guy is a trooper. We hung out together and enjoyed capturing his 3 month photos. It's amazing how much they fill out in just 3 months!

We set up an outdoor fall studio and went to town. He had a little bit of a cold but you couldn't really tell it!

These next ones are a surprise for Daddy. This little hat was his dad's when he was a baby. I think that is just super sweet! Dad is a farmer so he is a big fan of John Deere.

I was feeling extra creative tonight so I put together this fun storyboard. These are available in all shapes and sizes if you just can't decide which photo you like can always just get several!

I had a strange thing happen that day....His mom's name is Sara, I had a client by the name of Sarah meet me to pick up pictures, and the next client was named Sarah as well. About halfway through the day I realized just how many Sara's I met that day! We obviously had a popular name when we were all children. I know you really didn't need to know that but I just thought it was to weird.

More to come soon! I have the best customers and they are keeping me really busy!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sweet Ansley

I was thrilled to get a call from this little doll's mom shortly after her birth. We photographed her at her home and she was great. She has an awesome big brother that just dotes on her and photographs quite well himself. It was rainy the day we had scheduled so were mostly confined inside but I think everything worked out. We got some awesome images! I had such a hard time picking out the ones to show you.

I love how serene this first one looks. They just look so peaceful.

Isn't her hair so great? I love it when newborns have such a full head of hair.

We definitely hit the jackpot with this next photo. We had just talked about hoping she might smile and then she gave us this cute little grin. Thankfully, I was poised and ready and it all worked out!

We wore her out the first night and had to finish up later with the rest. The second time she was rested and wanted to participate awake! I love the colors with this. Pink and green for a little girl is just perfect.

Thanks again for letting me participate in such a special time. I will be in touch soon!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Daniel - Christian Fellowship Senior '09

Daniel is another senior that we have had the privilege of knowing for several years. He was a lot of fun because he wanted something a little different than we have done so far with other seniors. It is always my goal that I can give each senior something unique and work to not go to many of the same locations. Daniel showed us some new places and some that are unique for him. We started at his house and they actually have a few trees that are changing colors and are gorgeous! I have enjoyed editing these with the brillant colors!

Daniel is an avid hunter so we went for a more rustic feel with his pictures.

They live out near the lake so we drove over to a park for a few near the water.

Finally we ended at his grandparent's land. They had an awesome barn and we arrived just in time. The sunset was AWESOME. I wish we had light like that for more than 30 minutes each evening because you get such beautiful images!

To top the night off we even had a glimpse of the moon. It was great to be out where there aren't any power lines or other obstructions that got in the way!

I didn't think the night could get any better but we had the honor of staying for dinner and the pork chops and twice baked potatoes were scrumptious! Thank you Daniel, Steve, and Rhonda for a great evening. We are honored to serve alongside you at Reidland!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


First, I am playing with some ways that I can post bigger images on the blog so that you get an even better look. Be patient with me as I tinker with things. I also appreciate your feedback about what you like and don't like.

I know that Jake's mom has probably been anxiously waiting to see a glimpse of our fun from last weekend. Jake has a birthday soon and the milestone needed to be documented. After warming up for a few minutes, he was mesmerized with all the trucks that drove by while we were playing. He loves to hear the sirens and gets excited about them. We followed him around and let him show us what he thought would be fun.

A little hide and seek.....

He definitely kept me on my toes and didn't stay in one place for to long.

At the end of our session we took a walk and hit the jackpot. We found a cute little arch just his size. He did enjoy playing a few more rounds of hide and seek with us! These are probably my favorites!

I will be in touch soon with the rest of your images!

Also, make sure you keep reading if you haven't checked us out in the last few days. I have been posting LOTS this week!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Coffee Table Books

I am excited to announce that we are now offering something I just love! Often there are so many photos that a client loves but you can only display so many in your home. Our new coffee table books remedy that problem. These books are designed for you based on the type of session that you booked.

Here is an example of our newborn book:

These books are a minimum of 20 pages in length and are such a special keepsake. You will have those albums that you always think you are going to get around to making without taking all the time to do it yourself.

These are available for family, senior, newborns, or any session you decide you would like to do. Call us today for more details!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fun Fall Photos

This is another little guy that came to visit me again. We captured him and his brother this spring but he was only a month old then. Now he is 6 months old and SUPER cute. His little fall man clothes were perfect and we had took lots of photos. I only stopped shooting because he was worn out! Seriously, he is like the little guys you see in GAP.

I'm afraid we aren't going to have a very pretty fall but he had an awesome sweater with all the perfect colors! Doesn't this just look soo cute? The light was perfect that day - it was cool but not so cool that he was going to get cold.

I can totally see this one printed big hanging on a wall in canvas!

He wasn't much of a fan of pushing up, but he humored us for a few minutes!

Thanks Whitney for bringing Copelan back! I had so much fun with you!

Come back and visit the blog soon. I have several more sessions to show you plus some awesome new products that I can't wait to show!

Monday, October 13, 2008

McKayla - Reidland High School Senior

First, I must say that getting to do senior sessions has been SOOO much fun. I remember being so excited to do my senior pictures. There is just something about it being your time to shine. McKayla was so fun! Everytime I would see her at church she would be so excited about her pictures. That just makes me excited and want to give her the best! She was even posting on Facebook about taking her pictures.

Let me tell you she knew how to work it in front of the camera! Half of the time she would just come up with her own poses and would be changing them before I could even get a few shots off. I think she has watched a few episodes of America's Next Top Model.

It was so difficult to pick just a few to put on here but I restrained myself to not post 10 or more......

You wouldn't even know that the mosquitos were about to carry us away....

I love this one. It's something about her eyes that are just piercing and the black and white just tops it off!

This is a new favorite wall for me! It was perfect with this sweater she bought and didn't wear until today!

Doesn't she look like a model? She was a natural!

This dress below was McKayla's homecoming dress and boy does it have a story. McKayla works for a local bridal and prom dress shop. She had taken her dress to go get alterations and the day she was supposed to pick it up it burned in a fire that spread from the neighboring buildings. She had hoped they got it out but unfortunately found out that night they hadn't been able to save it. Homecoming was the next day and she was devastated! It was a huge surprise when they called on Friday to tell her it had been recovered in a closet that hadn't burned. She was beyond estatic!

Thanks again McKayla! You are such a fun, sweet person and I am so glad that I know you!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Getting Big!

I am a little slow in getting this session added to the blog. The last few weeks have continued to be busy but I wanted to at least show some faithful readers how cute our subjects have been lately.

We have been following this little man for sometime. You can see more here and here. I was amazed at how big he had gotten in just a few months. Only little ones can pull off those rolls and we all ooohhh and aaaahhh over them. He was so good for us and only let us know a few times that he was uncomfortable.

His mom wanted some of his new smiles that he gives out often now, but he wanted a more serious look in these pictures!

It was my first time on the campus of Murray State. It was a beautiful evening. I couldn't ask for anything better!

You all know how much I love little feet! His mom wanted a few more with their wedding rings this time and I was totally up for it.

We must have worn him out. He just konked out and let us put him anywhere. Typically this doesn't happen after they are about 2 weeks old but it was so precious. I was thinking about it on the way home and these should be treasured because it will probably be the last time he falls asleep during a photo shoot.

Thanks again for your patience. Enjoy the rest of them in your gallery!