Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Morning

Last Saturday was a brisk morning but this little guy is a trooper. We hung out together and enjoyed capturing his 3 month photos. It's amazing how much they fill out in just 3 months!

We set up an outdoor fall studio and went to town. He had a little bit of a cold but you couldn't really tell it!

These next ones are a surprise for Daddy. This little hat was his dad's when he was a baby. I think that is just super sweet! Dad is a farmer so he is a big fan of John Deere.

I was feeling extra creative tonight so I put together this fun storyboard. These are available in all shapes and sizes if you just can't decide which photo you like can always just get several!

I had a strange thing happen that day....His mom's name is Sara, I had a client by the name of Sarah meet me to pick up pictures, and the next client was named Sarah as well. About halfway through the day I realized just how many Sara's I met that day! We obviously had a popular name when we were all children. I know you really didn't need to know that but I just thought it was to weird.

More to come soon! I have the best customers and they are keeping me really busy!

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