Sunday, October 26, 2008

This was a session that was supposed to happen back in September but due to some schedule changes they weren't able to make the trip into Paducah. This family lives in the middle of the state but made special arrangements while in town for a wedding for us to capture some images of the kids!

Little Gracie wasn't sure what to think about this little skirt at first but it seemed to grow on her. I can't believe we managed to get one of her sitting because she is on the go all the time.

Another one of her...she loved this fence. I just followed her around trying to make sure we got a few good shots.

Her brother gave us smiles from the very beginning!

Many times Mike comes with me to make silly faces at the kids (and sometimes mom and dad) but he couldn't be here on this you should have seen me acting all silly AND trying to take pictures. I won't be allowing video cameras along any time soon!

But I think our mission was accomplished.....

Mom's number one goal was a picture of her kids together. Here is one of the ones that we captured!

Thanks again for making a special trip to see me. I hope we can do it again sometime.

I will be in touch soon with the rest!

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