Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tori - Reidland High School Senior 2008

I feel sorry for Tori and her mom because I don't know how they will ever narrow down their favorites from her senior photos. She is a beautiful girl inside and out. She is a great student yet still knows how to have fun. Tori is a leader and respected by her peers and looked up to by many younger students. We are privileged to have her a part of our youth group. We did her shoot in several settings. First, we spent a chilly afternoon in Paducah and then we finished up at the bible camp that our kids go to in South Carolina. We were both going to be there for a retreat and it is a very special place to her so we spent a few hours traipsing around camp. I can't even begin to narrow down my favorites.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Christmas Cards

After a month of constant traveling I took a few minutes tonight to sit down and put together a more comprehensive assortment of Christmas cards. These have been such a hit this year. I love personalized cards .... they are my favorite to receive! As you will see there are three different sets with 7-8 cards in each one. All are sized as 5 x 7 inches except #7 of the Vintage series and it is a 5 x 5. The cards come with envelopes so all you have to do is address them, stamp them, and stick them in the mailbox! They come in sets of 24. Call or email us today if you are interested in cards from your session!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Niece

I made a special trip a few weeks ago for a extra special little girl. I don't get to see her near as much as I would like but we make the most of the time we do get to spend. She just turned one year on Halloween and she is already walking, I mean RUNNING, all over the place. We didn't have much time during the weekend but we pushed our luck when she was already exhausted. I have fallen in love with several of these photos. They aren't necessarily the most posed but they really capture Karmen.

Something about this photo just grabs me. I love how her daddy's hand is in the photo as well as part of mommy.

My sis is really trendy so she had awesome dresses planned for photos!

I am already looking forward to Christmas when we will see her again!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This awesome family met us a few weeks back on an unseasonably warm day. Mom decided to make a special day for them and they got to leave school a little early in order to come from Illinois to take photos together. They were a little shy at first but then we found out that they really like the movie Madagascar 2. They have an especially favorite song that we took full advantage of - "You've got to move it, move it!" Anyway, we had a lot of fun. They were all good sports and I hope you had a great dinner together afterwards. Thanks for your patience as you've waited to see your photos!

Isn't this an awesome family photo? I love how much fun it looks like they are having. Poor mom was smashed on bottom but still was all smiles!

Such a beautiful girl....

I LOVE these awesome fall colors!

Sometimes we forget to take photographs as our kids get a little older. We have lots of photos when they are small but gradually forget as they start school and such. You will want to remember these times in their lives and photographs immediately take us back to our memories!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Brishee and Emily - Seniors 09

Both of these girls have been patiently waiting...and I just teased them with one image last week. I wanted to give a more thorough peak for all of you out there reading.

We had a blast one Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago. It was still warm out but not hot which made the day so fun! They wanted to do a few pictures together so we just all hung out all afternoon and they took turns in front of the camera. I work hard to not use all the same spots with all the same people so I had to work extra hard on this day to have different poses for each of them.

Brishee is a sweet, carefree young woman. She loves people and is always excited for new things. She has had her share of challenges this past year but she weathered them like a champ. I am so impressed by her. We have had the privilege of being in a small group with her family and enjoyed all their great cooking. We keep telling Brishee she needs to consider a career as a chef!

A few together....

Emily is one of those people you just want to hang out around. She can laugh and joke with the best of them but she isn't afraid to be serious either. She will share what's on her heart and has been a great leader in our group. I was honored to be asked to photograph her senior portraits and have considered it an honor to watch her journey through high school. I am so proud of her and all her many talents!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas Cards

This is the time to start thinking about Christmas Cards! We want to design your cards using the images you have received this last year. What a better way to show off how much your family has grown or changed in the last year. Our cards can be printed several different ways that will fit your budget. All of our cards come with envelopes so all you have to do is address them. The turn around time to receive them is about 2 weeks.

Here are a few examples that we are offering...

Get in touch with us soon so you get them in plenty of time!

Monday, November 10, 2008


I keep saying that but it is SOOO true right now. I am frantically working in every spare moment to get sessions done and to get a few on the blog.....I know some of you are trying hard to wait patiently.

Since I hate to post a blog without a picture here's one to tide you over.....

Okay, more like two but how could I choose...

More coming soon. I promise!