Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quick Peek {Paducah Senior Photographer}

Just a quick peek for a beautiful senior. I can't wait to blog more of her session but wanted to assure her that we captured some BEAUTIFUL images!

I just have to say that this field is GORGEOUS with purple and yellow flowers! I was so happy to have a girl to take to photograph here! If you are interested call me won't last long!

Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Family Session {Paducah Family Photographer}

I was excited to get the opportunity to meet up with this family last week to get some family portraits as well as some of just them and their son! It was a lot of fun to change things up a little bit and get to do a session with an older boy. Most of our sessions involve either toddlers or seniors but it's fun to get the in between! He is 10 and was such a polite and courteous boy. I really enjoyed figuring out what made him laugh (Turns out it was pretty simple...thanks to Dad!) and getting to capture his natural smile.

They decided they wanted to go with more of an urban look so we headed downtown! It offers so many options!

Starting with a family images....

He rocked it out when it came to his solo images!

Love this one in black and white!

Can't leave out mom and dad! They were awesome as well!!!

Sorry it took me a few days to get your preview up! I think it's worth the wait and there are plenty more that will take your breath away!

Monday, September 13, 2010

FUN Senior Session {Reidland High School}

Today was fun! I was blessed to photograph this sweet, fun senior at some property of a friend of hers. It was beautiful and we had a great time exploring lots of different areas of their land. She wanted something different and I think we got it!

I can't pick favorites because I love all kinds of things about different ones. The light was just gorgeous today and made it fun to play with some different setups!

Rather than keep talking, let's get to what everyone wants to see. This was one of the first images we took....I knew it was going to be a fun day!

As we walked towards our destination the road begged us to stop and photograph a little.

This jacket fits her and her personality perfectly! Apparently, she got to do a little shopping (who doesn't love an excuse to shop!).

Love this closeup!

I think I gasped out loud when I saw these on my camera....I just knew they looked amazing!

The color, the light, the smile...everything is perfect!

Her guitar is like another appendage so we incorporated it ALOT! I love guitars and senior's so fun!

ENJOY!!! Thanks again for trusting us and having a blast with us!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I don't even know how to start describing this sweet family....We go back a long ways and spend quite a bit of time together on a regular basis. We consider them "chosen family" since we live away from our given families. They partner with us in our ministry to the teens and their families at our church and give abundantly of their time and energy. We spend most of our Sunday evenings together with said teens and enjoy lots of fun memories. Sara and I are affectionately referred to as Sara squared as we share the same name (and spelling).

They have two PRECIOUS kiddos and I would love it if our son grew up to be like them. These two siblings love each other and are always looking out for the other.

Philip and Sara were two of the people that encouraged us early on as we contemplated adoption and have been cheerleaders all along the journey. We are so thrilled that they are in the process of their own adoption. They needed some images for different aspects of that process so we met up this week to play and make some fun memories.

They will be selling these shirts later this year...but they easily capture their mission.


It's so fun to see them all in their matching shirts!

I told you these kids love each other....this was all with little prompting from them!

Of course they have a great example, because Mom and Dad love each other a lot as well!

This little man CRACKS ME UP!!! He was being serious here but he can be as silly as they come too. He has LOTS of great personality and has some moves if you can get him dancing. He's at that great age where his imagination is just exploding and it's entertainment to just listen to them create stories.

PRECIOUS....(Look at them holding hands - MELT MY HEART)

She turned 5 this year even though I tried to tell her she wasn't allowed. She gets a kick out of telling me that she will be 6 next year. She is a reserved, sweet girl that often thinks of others and wants to be helpful. She can be pretty silly herself with her brother when they are playing together though.

A few more family images...

I don't think I can pick a favorite today....I love them all!

Monday, September 6, 2010

2 years old {Paducah Children's Photography}

It's been a busy weekend...and a gorgeous one! This sweet little two year old invited me to her house this year to capture this milestone in her life. This is our second time to play together and it's great to see how these kiddos are growing up! She was totally worth getting up early and it didn't even feel like "labor".

As is typical for our relaxed sessions, we let her play around us and I just tried to capture her personality. I feel like we were definitely successful! She fell for Mr. Mike, as most of the kiddos do. Here you can tell she is taken by the silly antics!

Just hanging out in the grass telling a story.

Love the rich colors and inquisitive expression.

This one is a little different but it jumped out at me. I just love it...a favorite so far!

Here she is surrounded by her favorite things, baby dolls and tractors! Who says little girls can't LOVE both? She's just well-rounded!

Hope you enjoyed your sneak peak mom and dad! More to come soon!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Senior {Lone Oak High School}

Senior boys are not typically known for their enthusiasm surrounding the idea of senior pictures....I'm sure they can think of a million things they would rather be doing. The fun part for me is making it something they can enjoy a little bit. Choosing a location or items that make it personal always seem to make the session more enjoyable for them. This boy's momma invited me to their home for this session.

We spent the morning in the AMAZING cool temps on their land getting some awesome images.

It was a joy to get to know this senior and hear about some of his hobbies and plans for the future.

We had to include their lab, Gunner, as he was feeling left out and wanted to be with us at all times!

This might be my FAVORITE!

Gorgeous light coming in....

It was hard to stop here in my preview images....but we better save a few for the gallery!

Thanks for having me out!

Family Session {Paducah Family Photographer}

This sweet family has been in front of my camera on several different occasions and everytime we come away with some AWESOME images because they are just that great! Afternoons like this are confirmation that I love what I get to do even acting silly and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes!

On this particular day we were primarily working towards getting portraits of different family groups. This sweet momma had a picture in her mind and even set up the area in her yard for us! It doesn't get any better than that. It was fun to get to create the image she has been dreaming of for years.....and I love it! There is a perfect element of posed and relaxed smiles in the next two and maybe it's just because I know them but their personalities just jump off the screen!

Next up we had the challenge of catching these brothers all smiling. I wish I could show you all the outtakes......It's funny how many different faces we got from them....and yet you just need a few perfect ones!

When I saw this next one on the back of my camera....I caught my breath. This will be a priceless image for years to come! You will often hear me say that you don't have to have everyone looking at the camera to have a good image, because that's not always real life, BUT when you do get something like sure is sweet!

I can't wait to finish your gallery up for you! Soon...very soon!