Thursday, September 9, 2010

I don't even know how to start describing this sweet family....We go back a long ways and spend quite a bit of time together on a regular basis. We consider them "chosen family" since we live away from our given families. They partner with us in our ministry to the teens and their families at our church and give abundantly of their time and energy. We spend most of our Sunday evenings together with said teens and enjoy lots of fun memories. Sara and I are affectionately referred to as Sara squared as we share the same name (and spelling).

They have two PRECIOUS kiddos and I would love it if our son grew up to be like them. These two siblings love each other and are always looking out for the other.

Philip and Sara were two of the people that encouraged us early on as we contemplated adoption and have been cheerleaders all along the journey. We are so thrilled that they are in the process of their own adoption. They needed some images for different aspects of that process so we met up this week to play and make some fun memories.

They will be selling these shirts later this year...but they easily capture their mission.


It's so fun to see them all in their matching shirts!

I told you these kids love each other....this was all with little prompting from them!

Of course they have a great example, because Mom and Dad love each other a lot as well!

This little man CRACKS ME UP!!! He was being serious here but he can be as silly as they come too. He has LOTS of great personality and has some moves if you can get him dancing. He's at that great age where his imagination is just exploding and it's entertainment to just listen to them create stories.

PRECIOUS....(Look at them holding hands - MELT MY HEART)

She turned 5 this year even though I tried to tell her she wasn't allowed. She gets a kick out of telling me that she will be 6 next year. She is a reserved, sweet girl that often thinks of others and wants to be helpful. She can be pretty silly herself with her brother when they are playing together though.

A few more family images...

I don't think I can pick a favorite today....I love them all!


E.T.'s Mom said...

Oh man, those kids are sweet! I love how you captured their love. Thank you for the beautiful pics! And all the fun we had in the process!

~Stephanie said...


(Even Philip looks good) :D