Saturday, September 4, 2010

Family Session {Paducah Family Photographer}

This sweet family has been in front of my camera on several different occasions and everytime we come away with some AWESOME images because they are just that great! Afternoons like this are confirmation that I love what I get to do even acting silly and getting eaten alive by mosquitoes!

On this particular day we were primarily working towards getting portraits of different family groups. This sweet momma had a picture in her mind and even set up the area in her yard for us! It doesn't get any better than that. It was fun to get to create the image she has been dreaming of for years.....and I love it! There is a perfect element of posed and relaxed smiles in the next two and maybe it's just because I know them but their personalities just jump off the screen!

Next up we had the challenge of catching these brothers all smiling. I wish I could show you all the outtakes......It's funny how many different faces we got from them....and yet you just need a few perfect ones!

When I saw this next one on the back of my camera....I caught my breath. This will be a priceless image for years to come! You will often hear me say that you don't have to have everyone looking at the camera to have a good image, because that's not always real life, BUT when you do get something like sure is sweet!

I can't wait to finish your gallery up for you! Soon...very soon!

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E.T.'s Mom said...

OOOH, I want to see the rest. You captured their radiating joy. What a sweet family.