Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I met Delaney, her mom, and grandmother the other night to capture her one year portraits. This little one was so sweet and even though it was pretty warm she just kept right on giving us those precious smiles. I think my favorites from this sessions are the ones where she was a little more serious though. I really love this age because their curiosity abounds. Everything is so interesting and captures their full attention.

She isn't quite walking yet, but she's pretty close.

We played pattycake and she clapped right along with us. You can tell her mom and dad play with her a lot!

I love this....

She was a little tired and I can't say I blame her. It was pretty hot out! But this might be my favorite from the session....

Look at those blue eyes. I didn't touch them up or add anything to them....This i straight out of the camera.

Happy Birthday Delaney!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Five years ago Saturday I had the pleasure of walking down the isle to the feather song from Forest Gump to meet the love of my life. I was filled with anticipation for the future and wonder of what would come next. In conversation we would always say "In 5 years," yet it always felt like our 5 year anniversary was so far away. Suddenly we found ourselves celebrating our 5 year anniversary. We enjoyed the day by celebrating the wedding of our friends David and Halah. Mike performed the ceremony and I was honored to photograph the wedding.

Halah's dress was beautiful as you saw in her bridal portraits. The detail and beading on her dress was intricate and looked gorgeous.

David and Halah opted to have a special moment before we began our pictures. Even though David thought I might be disappointed at his lack of reaction, I loved getting to capture the first glance at each other.

Halah and her dad shared a special moment. I love the grin on her dad's face as she gives him a kiss on the cheek.

A few formals....

Halah's expressions during the ceremony proved she was really enjoying the moment. She was all smiles at her handsome groom. Even David couldn't hide his smiles back at her.

Halah had an wonderful group of women that helped with the reception. They worked hard at making sure the appetizers looked scrumptious.

After they cut their cake, we got away outside for a couple minutes to get a few more pictures. I know they will love some of these even though it hadn't quite cooled off yet!

Thanks David and Halah for allowing us to participate with you in such a special day. We are honored to "share" our anniversary with you!

Have a great time on your honeymoon and blessings on you as you start your lives together!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Cute Kiddos

These cute kiddos were so fun last week. I just want to go out and play with them after working on their pictures tonight. We thought it might rain on us as we got started but it never did. Their Nana had a great yard and we played all over it. I couldn't narrow it down so there are several here to see!

I hope their mom is happy....she really wanted a picture like this! There are several more...

Don't they look like they could be models for Polo or something?

These next few are some of my favorites. I can see these in a storyboard because they capture the relationship and fun this brother and sister have together!

Hope you enjoy! I'll be calling you soon!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Halah is a gorgeous bride. We have had the honor of getting to know Halah and David over the last few months as they prepared for their wedding. Mike and I again teamed up....he performed the ceremony and Phillip graciously helped me with the pictures. I have been wanting to post these for a few weeks now because I love them but I worked on my patience and held off! Today was the wedding so I am in the clear now.

Halah was a good sport to get up early one morning so we could fit her bridal portraits in. I don't think she will regret having memories like this to show off!

This is the one they chose to display at the reception. The light was just perfect coming through the trees. It is also very fitting that the bamboo behind her connects to some of her Asian culture.

Coming from the wedding day!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Isn't he precious? I realized way too late last night as I was trying to put the finishing touches on his pictures for his mom that somehow a week had gone by without him finding his way to the blog. I have been working so hard this week to be totally caught up that somehow I forgot to blog! I hope I made it up to mom by getting all of the images ready for her sooner than I expected. He was sooo sweet. Of course, he had been sleeping all the time until it was time to take his pictures and he was wide awake for the whole 2 hours. He slept for a few minutes but other than that he was wide eyed taking it all in.

I love baby feet! They are so tiny and cute!

Mom and dad probably look familiar because just a few months ago we captured these when he was still on the inside.

It was so nice out on this evening that we headed out in the backyard for a few.

Trent's mommy had a few ideas of her own and this was one of them. I love it when people have a few ideas of pictures they would like to capture. This makes me know a little more of the kind of stuff that they life.

I sure hope we get to see more of Trent as he grows up this year!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


We had another great senior shoot with Kyler. Mike and I have known him and his family since we moved here several years ago. He was just starting high school when we moved and all of a sudden he's starting his senior year. Thanks for letting us hang out with you and capture such great images.

Kyler's mom took the opportunity to get a few pictures of both her kids while we were out. I thought this was a great idea and love what we came up with.

Blessings on your senior year!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Last week I had the privilege of photographing Ashley's senior portraits. As you can see she is a beautiful girl and photogenic as well. It felt like we had several things working against us but once we got started she made my job simple. She knew what she wanted and I just let her do her thing! We were having so much fun that it got dark before we could finish. We are planning to finish up another day but I wanted to give them a peek of what we have so far.

She had been thinking about her wardrobe for months and when she saw this hat, she knew she just had to have it for her senior pictures.

We even captured a few of the "rocker" within her! I love how easily her personality shows through in all of these images.

I hope you enjoy these few shots. Ashley, I hope this is a wonderful senior year and all you dream it to be!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July and it was time spent enjoying the company of friends and family.  We had a low key day that was much needed!  The weather was gorgeous (is it really July?) and continues to be today!  Sitting outside last night, there was an awesome breeze and it was so cool.  Funny thing happened as we were sitting downtown watching the fireworks - all of the sudden someone near us yelled "Oh no!"  Turns out, someone forgot to cancel the sprinklers on the Quilt Museum lawn.  I quickly jumped up, covered the camera, and ran!  It was hilarious to see that area clear out so quickly.  When we relocated we didn't get near as good a spot but the show was enjoyable none the less!  

Here's a few shots of what we enjoyed......