Friday, July 25, 2008


Isn't he precious? I realized way too late last night as I was trying to put the finishing touches on his pictures for his mom that somehow a week had gone by without him finding his way to the blog. I have been working so hard this week to be totally caught up that somehow I forgot to blog! I hope I made it up to mom by getting all of the images ready for her sooner than I expected. He was sooo sweet. Of course, he had been sleeping all the time until it was time to take his pictures and he was wide awake for the whole 2 hours. He slept for a few minutes but other than that he was wide eyed taking it all in.

I love baby feet! They are so tiny and cute!

Mom and dad probably look familiar because just a few months ago we captured these when he was still on the inside.

It was so nice out on this evening that we headed out in the backyard for a few.

Trent's mommy had a few ideas of her own and this was one of them. I love it when people have a few ideas of pictures they would like to capture. This makes me know a little more of the kind of stuff that they life.

I sure hope we get to see more of Trent as he grows up this year!

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