Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sweet Baby Girl

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This precious little girl was born just before the "ice storm" hit. Thankfully they only had to endure about 24 hours without electricity and for that I was grateful for them. I can't imagine having to worry about having a 4 day old baby and how I was going to keep her warm and comfortable. She is about a month old and interested in all the things going on around her. She was super tired but she didn't want to miss a moment of her big photoshoot. She still gave us plenty of cute looks and I was honored to witness her parents shower her with love. We did her photos in their home which I love because it allows the parents to have anything they need at their disposal. I felt so welcomed into their home and enjoyed spending my evening with them. Thank you for allowing me to photograph your sweet daughter.

Her daddy was so precious with her. She would quiet down for him as soon as he did his magic swaddling. I love when dad's are hands on and this dad was definitely hands on. He is definitely "in love" with his little girl. I suspect that she will have him wrapped around her finger.

Thanks again. It was a pleasure to spend time with both of you!

Kacey and Chance

Kacey and Chance met up with us on Sunday after having to reschedule several times due to weather. This week was a little bit windy and cool but you would never know it. They never complained about being cold and walked all over downtown with us. These two are planning a May wedding and are starting to feel the pressure of all the last minute plans and details. It was good to be able to just relax and spend some time walking around getting to know one another.

Thanks for allowing us to have the opportunity to get to know you and capture your love for one another.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have had so much fun editing this session tonight.  Like I said before I love this age.  This little guy loved the windy day we had and LOVED being outside.  I could just take his photograph all day long.  He just laughed, giggled, and explored.  I told his mom that I really felt sorry for her because she was going to have a tough choice ahead of her.  I just can't say enough how sweet he was to be around.  

I mean look at this tongue.....

I love his little wrist rolls.

It was hard to catch him without a smile as evidenced in the next few. 

A quick update.....  After almost 18 days without power we finally received power last Thursday night.  It was so wonderful to be back home but I was a little sad to leave our friends.  It was fun getting to hang out with them and we were well on our way to getting them a tax write off for having guest in their home due to the storm.  :) 

We are slowly getting back to normal and seem to have a renewed drive to get some projects done.  We have a busy next few weeks and were grateful to be back home for a few days before the craziness starts. 

Coming up soon will be an engagement shoot and a precious one month old!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sneak Peak

I'm tired of always seeing the reminder that we STILL don't have power when I pull my blog up so I wanted to quickly post a photo each from 2 sessions that are waiting patiently as I keep hoping to get back into my routine and get their sessions edited.  

This first picture we did before the storm hit...we barely got it in but we grabbed a nice day.

This is a little guy you have seen several times before.   He is 6 months old and I LOVE 6 month olds.  They are so good natured and he didn't disappoint.  He had many smiles to share with the camera despite our WINDY morning on Saturday.  

More are coming from each session...I promise!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


This is what continues to keep us from having 14 and counting. If you need anything please don't hesitate to call. I have started working from my laptop and am able to place orders and pretty much get back to business as usual....I just don't get to sit at my desk very well.

I am hopeful that we will be able to get back to normal sometime this week.  However, I am just thankful for the long hours that the power crews are putting in.  I am grateful to their families for the sacrifice they are making as their family members are working.  I am confident that we will be grateful for power and won't forget this experience anytime soon.  

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This seems like an understatement. For those in our area you know what we have been through this past week and a half.  If you aren't here, you can't even imagine.  What started to be a fun snow day last Tuesday turned into a nightmare by nightfall.  We lost electricity early in the day and sat in the dark reading Tuesday night as we listened to cracks and crashes outside.  We weren't sure what we would wake up to.  At daybreak we had no power, no phones, no cell phones and it was getting COLD in our house.  A friend came to check on us and we left to find warmer shelter.  We huddled down for a few days with some friends that have a wood stove until we got a generator on Friday morning.  As of this evening we still don't have electricity.  There is a pole down in our neighborhood so that is the hold up in getting our power back.  We are hoping to possibly be back up this weekend.  In the meantime, you can reach my on my cell phone.  I am checking email once a day but don't have easy access since it is still down.  It has definitely been an experience we don't want to repeat anytime soon.  Here are a few pictures that we grabbed as we were driving.   All of my other photos are on my other camera that I don't have with me right now.

This is one of the main roads we drive all the looks like a rural road by this picture. The trees are horrendous.  I don't think there is a tree unaffected.