Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This seems like an understatement. For those in our area you know what we have been through this past week and a half.  If you aren't here, you can't even imagine.  What started to be a fun snow day last Tuesday turned into a nightmare by nightfall.  We lost electricity early in the day and sat in the dark reading Tuesday night as we listened to cracks and crashes outside.  We weren't sure what we would wake up to.  At daybreak we had no power, no phones, no cell phones and it was getting COLD in our house.  A friend came to check on us and we left to find warmer shelter.  We huddled down for a few days with some friends that have a wood stove until we got a generator on Friday morning.  As of this evening we still don't have electricity.  There is a pole down in our neighborhood so that is the hold up in getting our power back.  We are hoping to possibly be back up this weekend.  In the meantime, you can reach my on my cell phone.  I am checking email once a day but don't have easy access since it is still down.  It has definitely been an experience we don't want to repeat anytime soon.  Here are a few pictures that we grabbed as we were driving.   All of my other photos are on my other camera that I don't have with me right now.

This is one of the main roads we drive all the time....it looks like a rural road by this picture. The trees are horrendous.  I don't think there is a tree unaffected.  

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