Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sweet Baby Girl

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This precious little girl was born just before the "ice storm" hit. Thankfully they only had to endure about 24 hours without electricity and for that I was grateful for them. I can't imagine having to worry about having a 4 day old baby and how I was going to keep her warm and comfortable. She is about a month old and interested in all the things going on around her. She was super tired but she didn't want to miss a moment of her big photoshoot. She still gave us plenty of cute looks and I was honored to witness her parents shower her with love. We did her photos in their home which I love because it allows the parents to have anything they need at their disposal. I felt so welcomed into their home and enjoyed spending my evening with them. Thank you for allowing me to photograph your sweet daughter.

Her daddy was so precious with her. She would quiet down for him as soon as he did his magic swaddling. I love when dad's are hands on and this dad was definitely hands on. He is definitely "in love" with his little girl. I suspect that she will have him wrapped around her finger.

Thanks again. It was a pleasure to spend time with both of you!

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E.T.'s Mom said...

Oh wow, a newborn during the ice storm. That sounds scary!