Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This sweet couple braved the elements with me for an hour on Saturday before their wedding. They decided early in the week that they wanted to get married but they didn't have much time. Caleb is being stationed in Germany for the next three years. They don't want to be seperated by such distance for that long. They fast tracked their premarital counseling, planning, and wedding. They were happy to just go before the judge but their parents wanted them to have more memories than that. Sooooooo in less than a week they found themselves taking photos as the snow floated through the air. I am so glad that they did because they were so sweet and tender with one another. They did their thing and I just captured the images. The cold didn't seem to bother them one bit as they smiled and laughed together.

My prayers are with you as you commit to spending your lives together as well as endure the next few months until you can be united again. Thank you for allowing me to capture your love in photographs.

I love that you can see the snow/sleet in this first one. It just seems romantic.

Caleb, take care of yourself and thank you for serving our country.

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