Sunday, March 15, 2009

Melt my Heart

This precious little man was visiting his "Janiebug" and grandparents this weekend.  He lives in Boston so they don't get to see him very often but they eat up the time they do get.   He will be two in May but I was so impressed with his verbal skills.  He told me all about baseball, trains, trees, and all kinds of other things.  We had a ball singing songs and playing chase.  I think I could have photographed him all day long!  It was a little chilly but nothing compared to what they are used to up north!

I love that it is starting to turn green again.  It contrasted so well with is blond hair and orange sweatshirt!

I love this next black and white one...

Okay, I couldn't help but post several extra pictures from this session.  His aunt had an AWESOME idea.  While we visited the trains she walked to the ice cream shop to get him a treat.  At the end of our session she brought it to him and we finished up by letting him go to town on it.  

These first two seem like he is saying, "Are you serious?  This is for me?" and then "Can I eat it?"

We had told him he had to sit down a few minutes early so that he could get his treat.  As soon as he saw the treat he ran to the door and sat down!  It was precious!!!

It wasn't warm by any means but he didn't let that deter him.  In this one his little hand is gripped as he was shivering but he wouldn't let go of that cone!

I think this made his day!   We had a blast watching him and capturing it on film.

I love it when my clients are creative.  It always pays off with awesome pictures!  I don't think they will forget these anytime soon.

I can tell spring is approaching because the schedule is starting to book up!  If you are interested in a session this spring get in touch with me soon. 


Debbie said...

Oh Sara, these are wonderful!!! I love them all but especially the ice cream ones! Too cute! I'm thinking a canvas composite, aren't you? :-)

E.T.'s Mom said...

LOVE the ice cream shots.