Tuesday, March 17, 2009

6 Month Old Charmer

This is my third time to photograph this sweet little guy. It is soooo much fun to watch them grow up during this first year. However, this time he made us work for his attention. He's six months old, it's been a cold winter, and he hasn't been introduced to the wonders of grass and leaves until our session together. He was much more interested in figuring out all these new amazing things than smiling for us. I love the wonder of this age though. Everything they pick up goes straight to the mouth - they want to touch it AND eat it!

His mom told me that he was a happy baby and I believed her. After he had the opportunity to explore all these new things I got to see lots of the happy baby she told me about.

See I told you. As soon as his clothes came off he was talking and smiling like crazy!

Here is the perfect example of how to spice up a rather simple outfit. His little hat just tops things off to make something simple look so trendy and unique. He LOVES his hat and starts laughing when he sees it. Mom says that when he sees himself in a mirror he goes nuts. I can definitely believe it!

He has mastered sitting as long as he has his arms to balance. I think he was pretty proud of himself. He isn't crawling yet but that will come soon enough!

Thanks again for allowing me to have a part of this first year. I can't wait to see this little guy grow up!

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