Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Family + a One Year Old = Fun {Paducah Family Photographer}

This beautiful family was a delight to meet and spend some time with Sunday afternoon. The little guy is a year old and just precious. He warmed up to me pretty quickly which always melts my heart. We started out with some family images and he decided to ham it up for us. I loved the choice of clothing and colors they wore. It worked so well with the changing colors in the trees.

Isn't the love here so sweet? I LOVE these kinds of images.

A few of the little guy.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Family Session {Paducah Family Photographer}

Finally, we had a beautiful Saturday and I got to spend it photographing this amazing family! It was a great break from chasing around toddlers (though I love that too) and not having to make silly faces in order to capture smiles! They all cooperated and were great sports for me. We walked all over the park and found great fall leaves that photographed so well. They even let me experiment in some new places and try to be a little creative! I really appreciate that as well.

I love that they wanted to capture a family image before their oldest goes off to college. Families always make photographing young children a priority but somehow slack off as they get older. I think it is important to capture the family in all stages!

Without further are a few samples.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Two in One Day - {Paducah Photographer}

I don't normally post more than one sneak peak a day but I needed to get this one on the blog because I have several more from this weekend that will need to be blogged soon. I also know that this guy is probably anxious to see a few of his images. We took off on one of those cloudy days this past week before it started raining and got a quick session in....We hit lots of places all in one day! It was so much fun! I knew that he liked the stuff he had seen from the more urban sessions so I felt creative to just have some fun!

Here are a few of the results and I couldn't be happier. I hope you are as well!

This is one of my favorites! I couldn't help but add it in!

Third Times a Charm - {Paducah Family Photography}

Apparently the old saying rings true....the third times a charm. This family and I have had our fall session scheduled since like July.....and it rained. Then we rescheduled......and it rained. We had one last chance before their fall break was over and thankfully it was a beautiful enough for sweaters but not too cold. That's the perfect fall session. It was true of this session.... Everything just fell into place. I LOVED how they coordinated earth tone colors. They looked fabulous together. The littlest boy did a great job with sitting and laughing at my silly assistant while I snapped away and this doesn't always happen with new walkers. They are way too interested in exploring the world rather than sitting still. The day didn't go without a few injuries trying to wrangle the little one stray feet kicked a few time or heads banged. However, we all made it through in one piece, thankfully!

Let me just say that I love when couples will let me grab a few images of them as a couple. I'm going to voice what everyone else is thinking....they are gorgeous and photograph so well. I think they should do a session of just them sometime. :)

Thanks again for being patient as we worked to find a suitable day to do our session. I think you will be glad we did!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It is such an honor to be asked to capture these moments of lives, I just can't reiterate that enough! This is an incredibly busy time of the year. Please be patient with me if I am a little delayed in getting back you right now. I only have so many hours in the evening and am trying to balance it all!

I didn't want mom to have to wait any longer. This is another sweet girl that we are blessed to know through our church. We really enjoyed spending some time with her Sunday afternoon. We even got to hear all about her trip to Disney World....that she had just gotten home from. It was so much fun and we even scored a great day after a week of rain!

Be on the lookout for several more sneak peeks and a few other announcements as well!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This amazing family invited us to their property in Illinois this past Saturday. I feared that we were going to be rained out but thankfully it was just a little cool and overcast. They have this awesome creek in their backyard and I fell in love with the beauty of it. I wish I had a place like this to photograph all the time. It was a perfect place for little boys! You can tell they were really familiar with it and climbed with ease. The colors are starting to turn and the weather is evidence that fall is here. I love fall with the rich autumn colors.

This mom did a great job coordinating their clothes. I love the color scheme and how they all coordinate without necessarily matching.

The boys got a puppy that we snuck in at the end. I think these two are long time companions!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

2009 Christmas Cards

Did you know that Christmas is 10 1/2 weeks away?

Have you started thinking about your Christmas Card options yet?

I would love to make it easy for you....all you have to do is address and stamp them and they will be good to go! Here are a sampling of the new cards added to the lineup for 2009. Any of the cards from last year are available for ordering and they can be found here. The deadline for Christmas orders will be December 6th.

If you have had a session this year and would like to place an order for Christmas cards let me know and we will get everything squared away!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cooler Weather

These cute little girls kept me hopping on a pretty Sunday afternoon. I had the honor of capturing the little one last year for her one year portraits but this year I got to play with both girls! The little one is two years old now and on the go!

These chairs kept them occupied for quite awhile. It was a great set up!

Flowers help too... :)

Leaves were the key with big sister....

Something about this one grabs me. :)

What a great smile, don't you think?

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Sleepy Newborn

Isn't a yawn just precious on such a new little baby? I love when they are sleepy and want to sleep regardless what you are doing to them. We get the most precious images. This little one is the new little sister to this little girl that I photographed a few months ago. She has entered the family and seemed to take her place seamlessly. I enjoyed getting to spend a few hours on Saturday morning capturing her sweetness.

I think this is one of my favorites! Just something so peaceful about it.

Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Crisp Fall Morning

Yesterday morning was a nice, crisp, fall morning after several days of non stop rain. It was a little chilly and overcast but I enjoyed meeting this little beauty. She tried to be shy at first but her personality quickly shined through. She cracked me up with her silly faces and crazy antics. I wouldn't have my sessions any other way except to be fun and laugh a lot in the process.

She is almost 5 and there is such a difference as little girls turn 4 or 5. I encourage you to not stop having your child's photographs taken as they get older. You will want to remember their personalities at this age as well and school pictures just don't capture that typically.

Without further ado her mom chose GREAT outfits! Purple is my favorite right now and this dress was awesome! I always think it's good to get inspiration from places like Gap, Gymboree, or Children's Place for kids.

This orange sweater was knee length and sooooo CUTE!

I hope you enjoy! I can't wait to get the rest finished for you!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Surroundings

A cloudy day couldn't be better when I get to photograph a beauty like this. My opportunities to photograph during the week are rapidly winding down as it gets darker earlier. I hate it because it feels like it should be bedtime at 6pm....don't you?

But I loved getting to spend time with this sweet spirited little girl. She is about to lose her top two teeth so mom wanted to capture her one more time before she keeps marking those milestones off the list.

We hung out on their property until I wore her out and it got dark! I enjoyed new surroundings and a cute subject.

Enjoy your preview!

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