Saturday, October 24, 2009

Third Times a Charm - {Paducah Family Photography}

Apparently the old saying rings true....the third times a charm. This family and I have had our fall session scheduled since like July.....and it rained. Then we rescheduled......and it rained. We had one last chance before their fall break was over and thankfully it was a beautiful enough for sweaters but not too cold. That's the perfect fall session. It was true of this session.... Everything just fell into place. I LOVED how they coordinated earth tone colors. They looked fabulous together. The littlest boy did a great job with sitting and laughing at my silly assistant while I snapped away and this doesn't always happen with new walkers. They are way too interested in exploring the world rather than sitting still. The day didn't go without a few injuries trying to wrangle the little one stray feet kicked a few time or heads banged. However, we all made it through in one piece, thankfully!

Let me just say that I love when couples will let me grab a few images of them as a couple. I'm going to voice what everyone else is thinking....they are gorgeous and photograph so well. I think they should do a session of just them sometime. :)

Thanks again for being patient as we worked to find a suitable day to do our session. I think you will be glad we did!

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