Sunday, April 26, 2009


I had the privilege of meeting up with this senior on tax day! (I'm running behind in blogging.) The weather turned chilly and cloudy but she was a trooper.  We spent an hour running around downtown and by the time we were done it was getting CHILLY.  However, you can't tell it from these images.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Early Bird

This week has been crazy busy!  I have several blogs that need to be written but first I just wanted to say that this little guy never ceases to amaze me.  He gives amazing smiles even when he has to get up early and doesn't get his morning bottle as normal.  He was a champ for us this morning (we were afraid the rain would move in early and jeopardize our evening session plans).  Others coming soon.....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Just wanted to share one of the precious little guy I was privileged to spend time with tonight. He snoozed away and let us move him however we wanted.  I think he enjoyed being the center of attention. 

More to come in a few days....

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Blessings

I hope all of you are having a blessed Easter weekend.  We began this weekend with a Good Friday Service at our church.  It is the first time we have done something like that and it was the perfect way to start this weekend.  It set the tone and anticipation for Sunday.  

After an Easter egg hunt today we met up with this sweet family for a portrait shoot.  It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed the time we spent with them.   All three kids were a pleasure to work with.  I loved their choice of outfits - great spring colors.  I think we are all ready to have a little warm weather!

Taylor exhibited a quiet beauty.  She is a beautiful girl and made my job super easy.  She was on the quiet side today but so willing to help out with her brother and sister.  Mom and Dad are blessed to have her. 

I wish I had the energy that Will had.  He was so fun!  Photo sessions are tough for 4 year old boys but he hung in there and gave us great smiles.  We even had some fun along the way!

This precious little girl was careful with her smiles but all of us worked together to find them. Like most her age she was very inquisitive about the grass, brick, and pretty much everything around her.  I wish I could see the world through their eyes for just a bit.

It really was a pleasure to spend a little bit of time together today.  I have the best job of getting to meet people I wouldn't ordinarily come into contact with. I hope we will see more of each other in the future!