Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lifetime of Love

This sweet couple attends our church but before our session I can't say I knew them very well. When Mrs. S contacted me she told me that she tries to have a portrait done every 5 years and they were a bit overdue. I was so honored and excited to spend part of our afternoon photographing them but to also hear how they have made their love for one another a priority. They found each other later in life and have been married more than 25 years. They both look so delighted to be together and it was obvious throughout their session. They watched a previous session we had done with small children and requested the monkey impression from Mike. Mike indulged them and we had a good laugh.

Thank you for the privilege of spending time with you. I dream of having the marriage and relationship you do when we have been married as long as you have.

I just love hands...

At the end we did a few of each of them seperately...Mr. S. even got in on acting like a monkey to help us get smiles. I WISH I would have gotten pictures of that! :)

Don't they both just glow?

I encourage everyone to have portraits done so that you can "remember" and "mark" times throughout your marriage!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

4 days old

This precious little girl was only 4 days old. She did an awesome job letting us move her around and curled up just like we wanted her to. Having newborn images within the first 7-10 days is ideal as they are much more likely to sleep and allow us to get the images you desire. As you can see she woke up towards the end but was very content to just sit and look at me.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Wow, I can't get over what a great year this has been. I feel so honored to have the best customers to photograph. The last month has been hectic to say the least and my blogging has GREATLY suffered. The good news about that is I have plenty of sessions that still need to be blogged over the course of the next few weeks while it is FRIGID outside.

This sweet little angel has seen my camera several times in her short life and I look forward to many more times. This was her six month session and we included some Christmas images as well.

She is just precious and has a sweet mom and dad that I consider friends. It was a pleasure to spent some of our Saturday together.

I plan to take this week off to enjoy time enjoying the holiday with friends and family. I will be checking emails but responses may be slower than usual.

I have several more posts scheduled over the next few days for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Still Here

I'm still here! :) Christmas has me running like crazy to get galleries posted, orders sent in, prints packaged, and phone calls made so everyone gets their Christmas cards and presents in time. I have many sessions that I've yet to blog and hope to start doing that soon.

I can't post without a attaching an image so I'm letting this little cutie say hello to the blog world for me!

Look for more posts soon!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Catching Up

I am still playing catch up from my marathon weekend a few weekends ago. I feared it might be our last nice weekend of the year so I booked myself solid. I didn't take into consideration how long it would take me to process all those images. :) So to all of you families...thank you for your patience as you waited to see a few of your images!

This sweet family had me out to their home and it was a fun challenge. We had to work with the sun a bit but we found some great locations. I loved getting to meet their little man. He was precious!

This family had to reschedule because of sickness...but I think our new date had even warmer weather than the first time did! It was 70 degrees and we were warm by the time we finished. Their boys were so fun and so into taking pictures. It made for a fun time!

This sweet couple is excited about their upcoming wedding! I was honored to capture a little bit of their relationship. They have been together for a long time and you could see that they were really comfortable with one another. It even comes across in their images. I plan on sharing more of their session as I get caught up, but for now here's a few good ones!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Catch Up

Every night this week had intentions of posting a sneak peak....however, I have to admit I was getting ready for a visit from this little guy....
and his mom, dad, and sister. Isn't he adorable? We had so much fun today letting him be in the spotlight.

However, I feel bad to keep everyone from last weekend waiting ANY LONGER. Last weekend was a MARATHON....I started early on Saturday morning and was scheduled until Sunday night.

The day started with these precious kids. I was excited to see them again and they didn't disappoint.

Aren't they adorable?

Then after I helped my husband with a project we got ready and went to meet this sweet family. I LOVE this little guy. He ALWAYS smiles for me. Even after getting only a 5 minutes nap in the car, he didn't let me down.

Finally, we finished up the day with these sweet cousins. If you know them, then you need to know this session is a gift for grandparents for Christmas so SHHHH!!!! I couldn't help but post this fun image from the end when we let them go to town on the suckers. I think they enjoyed think?

And a few of each of them individually.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I enjoyed my time with this senior. I had the privilege of taking his sister's engagement pictures and was honored to be asked to capture his senior session. We utilized the things he loves best...the family land for his session. I enjoyed working in a new environment. It's always fun and challenging.

Here's a few to tide you over. I should have the rest soon!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fun Family!

This mom was so excited and that made me excited. I couldn't wait to meet up with them Saturday. We had an awesome day to be outside enjoying capturing some precious images. I was flying solo so I had my work cut out for me but we had fun! I was excited when Mom told me she liked the "weird" stuff. I love families that just want me to capture them being together. I hope this is the "weird" stuff you were talking about!

Can't you tell their house is just loads of tickling fun?

The leaves were plentiful!

Ms. Ballerina was precious even if a little bit shy.

He has a fascination with trains and couldn't wait for this part of the session.

Little miss was the happiest baby!

Thanks again for a great afternoon!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Great Family Images


It was such an honor to work with this family on Sunday afternoon. Mom had been planning our session for months and everything came together. We were sweating the week before with all the rain and wind. We were both a little fearful that all the beautiful leaves would be gone. Thankfully, another great friend has an awesome yard that made it look like we were in the woods. Posing a big family is a challenge but they did an awesome job being patient and working with us until we got it perfect! I didn't even realize how much time had passed until we were done!

Thanks again friends for allowing us to capture your family!

Aren't they beautiful? I resisted posting the one of dad in a compromising pose. :)

Their kids are so photogenic.....