Friday, November 20, 2009

Catch Up

Every night this week had intentions of posting a sneak peak....however, I have to admit I was getting ready for a visit from this little guy....
and his mom, dad, and sister. Isn't he adorable? We had so much fun today letting him be in the spotlight.

However, I feel bad to keep everyone from last weekend waiting ANY LONGER. Last weekend was a MARATHON....I started early on Saturday morning and was scheduled until Sunday night.

The day started with these precious kids. I was excited to see them again and they didn't disappoint.

Aren't they adorable?

Then after I helped my husband with a project we got ready and went to meet this sweet family. I LOVE this little guy. He ALWAYS smiles for me. Even after getting only a 5 minutes nap in the car, he didn't let me down.

Finally, we finished up the day with these sweet cousins. If you know them, then you need to know this session is a gift for grandparents for Christmas so SHHHH!!!! I couldn't help but post this fun image from the end when we let them go to town on the suckers. I think they enjoyed think?

And a few of each of them individually.

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