Saturday, July 26, 2008


Halah is a gorgeous bride. We have had the honor of getting to know Halah and David over the last few months as they prepared for their wedding. Mike and I again teamed up....he performed the ceremony and Phillip graciously helped me with the pictures. I have been wanting to post these for a few weeks now because I love them but I worked on my patience and held off! Today was the wedding so I am in the clear now.

Halah was a good sport to get up early one morning so we could fit her bridal portraits in. I don't think she will regret having memories like this to show off!

This is the one they chose to display at the reception. The light was just perfect coming through the trees. It is also very fitting that the bamboo behind her connects to some of her Asian culture.

Coming from the wedding day!


janjanmom said...

These are awesome!! You are so gifted!

E.T.'s Mom said...

Those are stunningly beautiful!

saundra said...

Thanks for posting these so quickly.Halah emailed me while on her honeymoon so I would look them up, of course being an anxious mother I had already seen them!!HA
I emailed her back that I know the wedding pictures will take our breath away, you have a wonderful eye for capturing the right moment!