Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This awesome family met us a few weeks back on an unseasonably warm day. Mom decided to make a special day for them and they got to leave school a little early in order to come from Illinois to take photos together. They were a little shy at first but then we found out that they really like the movie Madagascar 2. They have an especially favorite song that we took full advantage of - "You've got to move it, move it!" Anyway, we had a lot of fun. They were all good sports and I hope you had a great dinner together afterwards. Thanks for your patience as you've waited to see your photos!

Isn't this an awesome family photo? I love how much fun it looks like they are having. Poor mom was smashed on bottom but still was all smiles!

Such a beautiful girl....

I LOVE these awesome fall colors!

Sometimes we forget to take photographs as our kids get a little older. We have lots of photos when they are small but gradually forget as they start school and such. You will want to remember these times in their lives and photographs immediately take us back to our memories!

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