Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fun Fall Photos

This is another little guy that came to visit me again. We captured him and his brother this spring but he was only a month old then. Now he is 6 months old and SUPER cute. His little fall man clothes were perfect and we had took lots of photos. I only stopped shooting because he was worn out! Seriously, he is like the little guys you see in GAP.

I'm afraid we aren't going to have a very pretty fall but he had an awesome sweater with all the perfect colors! Doesn't this just look soo cute? The light was perfect that day - it was cool but not so cool that he was going to get cold.

I can totally see this one printed big hanging on a wall in canvas!

He wasn't much of a fan of pushing up, but he humored us for a few minutes!

Thanks Whitney for bringing Copelan back! I had so much fun with you!

Come back and visit the blog soon. I have several more sessions to show you plus some awesome new products that I can't wait to show!

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