Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have been working like a crazy woman just trying to keep up these days! I promise I am working as fast as I can to get galleries up and ready for you. I realized yesterday that Thanksgiving is 4 weeks away and Christmas is ONLY 8 weeks from today! I can't believe that this year has gone by so fast. We have the best clients and couldn't be more grateful that we have been able to capture photos of so many families. God has truly blessed us and we didn't even plan it to work out this way. Doesn't that seem to be the way things work so often?

Let's get down to the real reason you come check this blog out. We were so honored to get to meet up with this family on some of their property. I knew we must be going to an awesome location when they gave us the keys of their golf cart to follow them in their truck. We made our way out to a field that had the most incredible light. When it works out to photograph in that 1-2 hours before sunset, the results are always spectacular!

These kids worked hard for us but I really think they had a good time in the process. We spent some time getting the more traditional family pose but I just loved the emotion in this one. Can't you tell they just have a good time together?

All of the kids enjoyed being in front of the camera. This guy was just fun. He was making sure everything looked right and had a special way of fixing his hair before he was in the spotlight. He was a lot of fun and I can tell that you get to laugh a lot when you hang out with him.

This little cutie was so precious. She loves her older brother and sister and just lit up. She enjoyed playing chase with us and daring us to try to catch her "in the moment." This is definitely her natural smile and it reflects her personality to a "T".

I just couldn't get past how gorgeous she was. The camera definitely loves her, don't you think? I'm afraid her dad better watch out. While she wasn't running around acting goofy with her brother and sister, they adore her, so I know she has a great time with them. They seem to really look up to her and she takes great care of them. I told her that night and I meant it....I could have spent hours just photographing her.

It was so difficult to chose just a handful to post, but this is probably one of my favorites. This just shows the relationship that these sisters have despite their age difference. They are both genuinely interested in the other and seem to have such a sweet relationshp. Now, I know they probably fight at times but I have no doubt they adore one another.

Thanks again for the privilege. I'll be in touch soon!

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