Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Newest Big Brother!

I'm so behind on posting images but I wanted to make sure that I get this posted today. This is a big day for this family and I want to give the "BIG" brother a little love! Today is the day that he will become a big brother! We met up last week to capture some images of him being TWO! That's a pretty big deal for such a little guy. I haven't seen him since last year when he was SOOO smiley. I had high expectations for me and he didn't disappoint! Now, he is two and is active and on the go but he gave us some great laughs.

As I mentioned I believe that he became a big brother today to a little sister. I wanted to make sure to get this post up for him today. I'm sure he will embrace his role fully after a few days of adjustment to sharing mom and dad! :)

We decided to walk around downtown this year and it was perfect for a curious little guy!

A session wouldn't be complete without playing the tickle game....and he loved getting to tickle ME!

I love those big blue eyes he has.....captivated and full of life!

We made sure to capture one last picture of the family of three....and I love that...treasuring their last few days of just the three of them! However, now it's already time to update the family portrait! :)

This next part is true lifestyle photography. Often I will play a little music to capture a child's attention. This little guy took it to the next level. He grabbed a stick and started to preform for us! I was dying laughing!
Dancing along the sidewalk no less!

Priceless memories that will make you smile for years to come! I love the little things about kids and watching the way their personalities work! This is the best job ever!

Thanks again!

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Smilincat said...

Marie - these pictures are wonderful! Luke is adorable. You have such a lovely family! --Bev