Thursday, May 28, 2009

Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys ... but we will have a good time while they do it! We had a perfect night after one of those afternoon down pours to capture these boys. They were a lot of fun and Mike kept them laughing. They were up for anything so we did lots of different things .

Here's a few of them seperately.

I loved the texture on this one. He is about to turn 13....

They were so cooperative, I was impressed! And photogenic if I do say so myself.

A little bit of fun...

Big brother got sunglasses for his birthday and his little brother begged to have a photograph of him in his sunglasses. They look pretty intimidating. :)

We were pretty much done when I grabbed this one. They were goofing off together. Little brother mimics everything his older brother does. It was pretty cute to watch.

Thanks guys for being such great subjects. We had fun!

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