Monday, December 8, 2008


This sweet little girl and her parents came all the way from Nashville to see us this weekend. She was born last year just before Christmas and was one of our first newborns to photograph. I feel honored that they would make the trip to see us again. Of course we got the pleasure of catching up since they went to church with us when they lived here. I hadn't seen her since they moved in March so needless to say she changed A LOT. As I mentioned in the post yesterday it was COLD on Saturday and I was worried about how she might do. One year olds can be a tough age because they are so curious about everything, don't want to sit still, AND we were dealing with the cold. My fears were put to ease as they got her out of the car and she was ALL smiles. The cold wasn't going to phase her one little bit.

My friend Heather has become quite the seamstress. All weekend she would pull something out to put on Meredith and she would have made it herself. Her mother-in-law has been teaching her to sew and they are making some cute stuff.

She's got her two bottom teeth and if you look close you can see two more about to pop through.

We have the best church that I can imagine. We went to a Christmas party Friday night and I saw this on our friend's porch.

I joked that I would love to have one to use for photography. They were so generous to lend it to me and offered it whenever I needed it.

This is exactly the type of photo I envisioned!

When Heather described this next outfit to me I was so excited. We thought it was so fun and cool. Who says it's to cold for a tutu?

If you are interested in recreating this photo in your photoshoot I actually have the exact same tutu (12-18 months) if you want to borrow it.

Thanks for coming to see us Meredith. We LOVED getting to have you stay with us and it just topped things off to take your one year pictures!

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The tutu one is my favorite!