Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Deadline!

If you are planning to place an order and want the photos back in time for Christmas you MUST place your order NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 13th in order to have them back in time. I will not be able to get them for you before Christmas Day if I don't have your order and payment before then. So please get them in as soon as possible. It would even be best if they could be in by early next week!

But since it isn't any fun to have a post without photos, we spent some time with a family we have known for several years last weekend. Melissa (in the red) has worked at our church for many years and has been wonderful to Mike since he has been there. I remember the first day we met her when we were just here to visit Paducah and see if it was somewhere we might want to live. She has been wonderful to Mike and goes above and beyond to make sure things run smoothly. The other family is Eric's brother and we had a good time cutting up and acting silly.

We squeaked out the last semi-warm day we had recently and I know they were grateful to not be frozen. The clouds were rolling in as we got started but we worked fast and finished before it was too dark.

They tried really hard not to smile but it didn't work so well....

Hope you enjoy....I think you will love the rest!

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