Sunday, December 7, 2008


NOTE: Don't forget that if you want photos in time for Christmas I need your orders ASAP.

Saturday had to be one of the coldest days so far and as things would go I had several sessions scheduled. Two of the families were willing to brave the cold so we went ahead. The wind was the real problem so I tried to find us a place that might block the wind a bit. We were able to get behind a building that helped us find a little relief. This little guy hung in there with the best of them. He didn't get a nap and it was cold. We would take a few photos and then snuggle him for a few minutes to get warm. It seemed to work pretty well. His mom had the greatest hats but we were trying to be quick and didn't get to try them all out. I hope we get another chance at some point because he was stylin.

Despite the frigid temperatures I enjoyed seeing you again!

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