Thursday, November 4, 2010


Okay, get ready because there is about to be a blog overload! The last few weeks we have been SLAMMED and we love it! This time of year we get to see lots of our repeat customers and that is the biggest compliment anyone could ever give me! I love getting to catch up with everyone and see how big all of these kiddos have gotten in the last year.

The first one to star on the blog was a FUN session! Seems like there are LOTS of 2 year old boys and you know what two year old boys do? They play and they play HARD! They keep me on my toes and it's fun!

This session really ended up being a relaxed session and we just caught them playing and having FUN!

Let's just start .... This is one of my favorites!

Who doesn't love a good thumb? I love that he is holding onto his blanket as well!

Love the owl on his shirt!

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