Saturday, November 20, 2010

Celebrate Adoption Session

These sessions are quickly becoming my favorite! It's so fun to see a family that is on a similar path that my own family is on and get to capture their new family images. Since we still have not gotten to travel to bring our son home, I get to live vicariously through these other families that are becoming great friends. We had heard so much about this family...and finally had a chance to meet. We have lots of things in common and it was great to see their family in action.

I recognize it's no small feat to get four boys and yourselves ready for pictures! Everyone has to have the right clothes, their hair done, be in good moods....and they were all still smiling! They rocked it! We finished everything we needed to photograph in less than an hour....and got some AMAZING images!

They brought their fourth baby home 6 months ago but you would think that he had been there forever! He fits right in and none of the kiddos are lacking in the personality department!

Check out this STUNNING family image!

One of just the boys....PRECIOUS!!!

The two that are responsible for this crew! Aren't they cute? I love the few minutes that we always take to grab couple images at family important to remember how you fell in love and why you're still in love (not to mention the gorgeous color on the trees)!!!

Onto the kiddos.... He was so funny! Full of laughs....and he would blow me a kiss! Melt my heart!

Love those two front teeth! Couldn't resist this one....

And his brothers... Little guy on the left was 2 and couldn't get enough of the camera. He would tell me when I didn't have him do a pose that I asked of his brothers. The big man on the right is the oldest of the crew....he is super sweet and sooo helpful with his brothers!

Look at his BLUE eyes! I haven't touched his eyes in my's all natural! He's the second in line and he was so mature...but has that boyish curiosity!

So I can't end this without sharing this next one....I told you the little guy totally fits in...and ADORES his brothers. If they were going somewhere he was not going to be left out! He wanted to be right there with them!

Thanks again for allowing me to capture these moments in your life! Such a blessing to capture these images and meet new friends! I think our boy and yours will be great friends!

If you know a family that has adopted in the last year or is in the process of adopting, tell them to give me a call to set up a session with a complimentary session fee!

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