Sunday, March 21, 2010

4+1=5 {Paducah Maternity Photographer}

What a joy to spend an evening with our good friends that are so excited about welcoming a new blessing to their lives. They will soon be adding a precious little girl to the mix and I think everyone is excited. The boys are already taking care of their little sister and constantly asking questions and giving "her" kisses. This was such a fun session because we just worked to capture this sweet family interacting with one another. I love the giggles and tickles and the memories that these images will bring as these boys + their little sister grow up.

Both boys giving sister some lovin'.

There is no doubt she is DEARLY loved. I'm guessing she could make her appearance within the next few weeks.

This momma is just gorgeous. Her smile was easy and natural. She always ready to laugh and have a good time. I bet this little girl will be just like her.

See how easy going she is.....I texted her earlier in the day and said "bring finger paints" and she didn't even ask questions. She was all for having a little "art" time with the boys. It was the perfect thing to keep them interested at the end of the session and it made for terrific images!

Thanks again for allowing me the honor. I can't wait to meet this little one and watch her brothers dote on her. She will have the whole family wrapped around her little finger in no time!


bethany said...

these are really WONDERFUL pictures Katie. hope everything is going well. cant wait to see pics of the little girl.

Ashley said...

I love them! Can't wait to see more!! Eden will be much loved - all around - but most of all, I can't wait to see the look in Stephen's eyes when he finds himself so hopelessly in love with his new little girl. It's amazing what our girls do to our men.

Sara - you did an amazing job (as always!)