Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beautiful Weekend

A beautiful weekend calls for getting out and photographing families and I enjoyed getting to play and have a great time. This little guy brought his family from out of town and we started with natural light in my home and moved downtown for the remainder of the session to get a few family images and some of this sweet little man's big sister.

He is about six weeks old and didnt' want to miss a thing. Can you blame him? New places, sounds, smells. He had to keep an eye on things. But he was so good! I just loved getting to see all his sweet faces.

I'm not sure he was really asleep, probably just mid blink but I still love the peacefulness and his little hands.

Love those big eyes just staring back at me.

This sweet family was such a pleasure...laid back, easy going, just let me do my thing and we had a fantastic time. I think the little guy rounds out the family nicely!

Big sister was excited for her turn and she didn't disappoint. She was full of spunk and independence and I told her daddy he better watch out. She is going to have all the boy's calling before he knows it. I mean just look at these images!

Very little prompting and I almost gasped when I saw this...I just love her eyes!

This image grabs me...might be my favorite from the day. Her hair, eyes, smile. Love it!

Thanks again for allowing me the privilege of photographing your new family member. I can't wait to see how these kiddos grow up.

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Debbie said...

OH MY GOODNESS, Sara!!!! That second image of the little girl looking right at you.....jaw dropping! Incredible!!! Wish I had taken it! :)