Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This past Friday I experienced a first - photographing twins!!! I was so excited when their momma called and wanted to schedule a session. I have been wanting to photograph twins for awhile but hadn't had the opportunity. It was a fun challenge. They are 3 months old and both so cute! Don't you agree?

This little man was in a good mood. Love the smiles!

She wasn't so sure but she liked to blow bubbles!

Little toes ... so sweet.

I love the emotion in this picture. Can't you tell mom and dad love their little people?

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~ Stephanie said...

SO Cute! And I just LOVE baby toes!

Lori Spear said...

OMG! What fantastic pictures. These are SO adorable! I want one! (A picture, I mean -- not a baby!) Sara, let me know how to order one. --Lori

sillsrus said...

Love, Love, Love these pictures! They are growing so fast. I really like the one of happy Jake and the one of them facing different directions, though not sure how you'd frame it. :-) Actually, I like them all!

Anonymous said...

They are absolutely adorable. I hope you can bring them to school sometime. I am looking forward to working together.
Jen Harris

Anonymous said...

Precious little babies!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sara and Kevin,
Absolutely beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!! Can't wait to finally see them in person!

Anonymous said...

Sara and Kevin,
Such little blessings! How adorable! Oh yeah...good pix of mom and dad, too.

Anonymous said...


Beautiful!!!!! I bet you had a hard time choosing!!

Anonymous said...

These are great pictures! Precious!

T said...

Amazing photos of adorable babies!