Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Couple of Announcements

Many of you are already thinking about Christmas and the schedule is filling up for this fall. If you are hoping to have a session this fall make sure to contact me soon to set up your session. The schedule is quickly filling up for the next few months.

I always try to keep a few openings to accommodate any newborns but if you are expecting and hoping to schedule a session let me know your due date so I can keep that in mind!

What's a post without a few images? This is a good friend of ours who is expecting a third little boy in October-November. They recently moved to Michigan because her husband started an orthopedic residency. We were shocked and excited that they got to come home last week to see his family and fit us in their schedule. We stopped after lunch to grab a few shots of them. Kyle is notorious for hating pictures but I won him over this day with a 15 minute quick session. I think it definitely paid off!

She's gorgeous!

I'm so proud of you Kyle AND you made your wife happy!

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