Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Busy, Busy

Life has been incredibly busy the past few weeks. We have been living in fast forward and I keep wondering when it is going to slow down. I'm not sure it will anytime soon! However, many evenings I get to hang out with fun families like the one below. You will probably recognize several of these friends. We took these photos a few weeks ago when the grandparents in town. Now Christina's sister and family were in town from New Mexico so we met up again. These kiddos were alot of fun and we got some great images. Just look....

I told you they were precious! We had fun and it slightly cooled down just before we met. I even talked mom and dad into a picture. I'm so glad I did - they are definitely photogenic.

Both daughters and two granddaughters....

Thanks again for giving me the priviledge!

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