Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Last week was the culmination of lots of planning and preparation. Little did they know, but several people independently began praying for Kacey and Nathan and their relationship back in November after watching them interact with one another during a weekend retreat. I felt God nudge me to pray because I saw such potential for them. In January, Kacey and Nathan finally acknowledged their love for one another and that was all it took to set things into motion. Shortly (a few days) into the relationship they knew they were getting married. Kacey joked that they had been dating for 7 years and forgot to tell each other. It was so sweet to watch two best friends commit their lives to one another. In fact, there are several similarities between their relationship and Mike's and my relationship.

Both of them were so giddy with excitement all week as the final preparations were made for the big day. It is obvious that they were head over heels for each other - Nathan is sweet, considerate, loving, and protective of Kacey. He never missed a chance to tell her how beautiful she is to him. Kacey adores him and gets a silly grin on her face when she talks about how they met and fell in love. She is protective, silly, tender, and much more with Nathan. Much thought and planning was involved to create a memorable and meaningful experience.

All of the planning paid off...Kacey was able to relax and enjoy her day. Here's proof that she was all smiles....

I admire the relationship Stephanie and Kacey is obvious they love and respect each other immensely. Stephanie was elated to help her "little" girl into her dress. What a special moment!

Anyone that knows Kacey, knows that she adores her little brother. She asked that he come and see her before she went to see Nathan. He stated matter of factly, "I will cry during the wedding" and he did.

Kacey and Nathan opted to have a first look so that they could have a moment together before beginning pictures with their wedding party. I feel so privileged to capture these expressions. I had to really focus not to tear up myself as they saw each other for the first time that day.

The boys spent some time praying together just before the ceremony began. I love this and it just attests to the fact that this relationship has been bathed in prayer since the very beginning.

Their ceremony was well thought out and included a time of blessing and worship which made the day even more special. It was unique...Kacey's dad walked her part of the way and after hugs and kisses with her mom and dad, her brother escorted her to Nathan as their parents looked on.

These picture reflect the love and happiness Nathan and Kacey shared as they commit to each other their lives to one another. I adore the way they can't help but grin when they are with one another.

You can't see him, but Kacey's papa pronounced them husband and wife and gave Nathan permission to kiss his bride. After their kiss they just sorta hugged and savored the moment....

Coming soon....the Reception and the detail shots!

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AWESOME pics, Sara!!!!! Love 'em!