Monday, August 18, 2008

8.8.08 Part II

I've been wanting to post many of the detail pictures from Nathan and Kacey's wedding because everything was so well thought out. There were so many little details that really pulled the whole event together. At each place setting were the programs with notes that Kacey and Nathan had written to everyone who played a part in their special day. They also included a crossword puzzle with random facts about themselves.
Here is an overview picture of the room.

In several of the centerpieces were goldfish. The kids and adults thought this was really cool.

All the floral arrangements were done by Kacey's Nana and they were gorgeous. The arrangements were all unique, but with similar flowers and fillings.

The stage served as the area for all the yummy goodies. Don't those chocolate fountains look scrumptious?

Nathan's good friend, Channing, did all the catering. She was awesome and worked in spite of not feeling well!

One more close up of the chocolate!

Begrudgingly, Nathan and Kacey let me borrow their rings for a few minutes to get a few pictures of them. I think they will be glad they did!

I would love to hear from you.....Which one is your favorite?


~ Stephanie. said...

Well, I'm partial to the overview of the room, as that was my "goal". It looked AMAZING all pulled together. Of course, it was all those little details that made it pull together - thanks a MILLION for documenting it all. You are one talented photographer!

OUR FAMILY... said...

I agree with Stephanie, you are one amazing photographer! All the pictures are great, but Zacharys favorite is the goldfish and mine is of the rings.
Great work Sara!!!

E.T.'s Mom said...

My favorite is the one of one table with the rest in the background. The ring photo is a close second. Emily's favorite is the tray of desserts!

Kacey Leigh said...

I think my favorite is the chocolate fountain....which sadly, I did not get to enjoy...