Tuesday, June 9, 2009

4 days old

This sweet little girl came in to the world last Wednesday morning. She is the second child (first daughter) of some friends in our small group from church. I felt honored to spend Sunday afternoon hanging out capturing their new little family. Her mom was amazing to keep our plans as I know she felt awful....she's not only recovering from a C-section but has a bad cold AND a spinal headache as well! She wanted some precious images so she endured. Her sister came over to help so it was a family affair!

Enjoy friends!

We ventured out to the front steps to play in the baskets....she just slept as I carried her all over the yard.

LOVE the dark hair, chubby cheeks, and double chin!


E.T.'s Mom said...

Oh she is so sweet! Can't wait to meet her.

Ross said...

She is amazing! We can't wait to see her in person!! Beautiful job Sara! As always :)

~ Jessica