Sunday, January 4, 2009


Ellie is full of spunk, personality, expression, and determination. I LOVE getting to take her photograph and just hang out with her. Thankfully, I get to see her often because her family is part of our church community AND our small group. We love them to pieces and I love these images. She is at the age where she is on the GO and keeps going and going and going. That didn't stop us though we just had to keep up!

Amanda, I hope these help you get through the first day back at school tomorrow after your Christmas break. I wanted you to see them first thing!

How can you resist this face? She didn't give us just tons of smiles but we definitely captured some of her unique expressions which are priceless.

I love her eyelashes and the little pout.....

Hmm...which direction should I go next?

This little highchair was a gift from one of her grandparents. Her mom told me she has loved feeding her baby from it so we decided to get some photographs of it. I just love the look of these...

What next guys?

Thanks again Amanda and Ellie....You were so much fun!

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E.T.'s Mom said...

Those are precious! She's a beautiful girl.