Monday, January 5, 2009

One Year

This sweet little girl gave me the biggest grin as soon as I stepped out of the car! Unfortunately her big sister woke up sick so she couldn't join us but we still had a great time. She got to model for the whole session and did awesome especially if we kept the treats coming! She isn't quite walking yet so we didn't have to chase her to far....

Here's the face mom wanted to capture the whole session....she kept it hidden till the very end. Those lips are just precious!

So interested in everything...

She decided to take off. Her poor tights were pretty filthy by the time we finished.

Lots of giggles and grins. We had an awesome afternoon to photography...sunny, little wind, pretty mild temps. Amazing for January 2nd!

I think there is just something so classic about this black and white. I love the way mom's hand is there helping her out...

Thanks again for letting me capture her one year portrait. I can't wait to see how she grows up!

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