Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer is Here!

As most of you know the heat and humidity of summer is definitely here! The last few days have been pretty warm and humid! That never stops us from photographing....we just bring more fun to do to keep our mind off the temps. Beautiful little girls like this one make the time outdoors totally worth it! I love capturing their adorable smiles and giggles and most of the time the heat doesn't phase them.

This little one just laughed and cut up with us the majority of the session.....and it was so fun! She has gotten so big since I saw her back in December here. This might be my favorite age (at least at the moment) because their personality is just exploding!

I think she was waving at us!

I'm always a goner for eyes but recently I have loved it when the smiles are so big their eyes are almost closing. It's just a sign they are having a GREAT time!

Thanks for braving the was totally worth it!

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