Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Celebrating Adoption

I have been looking forward to meeting this special little guy since January when I saw his picture for the first time when we had dinner with his family only a few days after they saw his sweet face for the first time. We prayed as they waited anxiously to hear about decisions in court and as they rose above lots of obstacles in order to get to their son to bring him home.

We had scheduled this session two other times....once we got rained out and then this precious little one got sick. We hoped that the third time was a charm and besides a little (okay, ALOT) of humidity things worked out perfectly! When we pulled in behind them at the location, I told Mike I might lose it when I met him the first time. He laughed and told me I should get it together so that he didn't think I was some crazy person! :) So as I fought back tears he comes bounding out of the car. I was afraid he might be a little hesitant with new people around but I couldn't have been more wrong. Let's just say he wasn't too shy and warmed up rather quickly! In fact, he rather loved the camera and I loved every minute of it. By the end of the night as I was photographing his mommy and daddy, I looked over my shoulder to see him crawling up my sweet husband.

We enjoyed capturing the essence of being family, loving each other, and having fun together all while having a stinkin good time!

Aren't they all just beautiful?

All the kiddos...love how the little ones have their hands on their cheek just alike. I couldn't have made that happen if I'd tried.

Can't resist another one of the newest family member...

We have loved getting to know this sweet couple and calling them friends! As most couples tell me when I want to get an image of the two of them, they haven't had a image done since their engagement photos.

The rest of the awesome fam....

One more of the kiddos...they really had so much fun playing together!

I love capturing families, but getting a glimpse into a family that has chosen to pursue adoption was extra special! Thank you so much for allowing us to capture your sweet family! We treasure the opportunity.


E.T.'s Mom said...

Love it! How exciting! And, as always, absolutely beautiful pictures.

janjanmom said...

HEY! I know them! The pictures are great, but I know meeting the family was probably what touched you the most.

I am so excited to see you an Mike as parents-you will be naturals. ( :